Men Of Standards

The GHGM Men of Standards was birthed in 2013 by the Renegade Leadership of Apostle Jamaal Dunham. 

Men of Standards (M.O.S.) – God’s appointed GHGM men that identify the reasons why they are men, appointed by God, members of GHGM, and commissioned to empower lives and disciple souls. 

M.O.S.     - know they are fearfully and wonderfully fashioned by God.

- empower themselves, their families, and the nations. 

- operate in a Spirit of Excellence and impeccable character at all times. 

- possess a determination to fulfill the vision to impact and disciple lives. 

Purpose: The reason by which something is done or created or for which something exists. 

Kingdom: God’s business plan, strategy and standard for establishing His Word and Way in the earth. 

Kingdom Purpose: the assignment that God has created one to be and do to establish and fulfill His Way on earth. 

MOS are in pursuit of Kingdom Purpose: whom God created them to be and what He created them to do on earth.


MOS strive daily to overcome sin, change to please God and resolve problems by accepting responsibilities. MOS operate with honorable integrity from an Inner Transformation and a Renewed Mind through the Holy Spirit.

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