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Women of Purpose


Greater Harvest Global Ministries Inc. (GHGM) was birthed October 17, 2010, with the vision to Empower Lives and Disciple Souls according to Matthew 10 and 28:19, 20 by the Renegade Leadership of Apostle Jamaal Dunham.


From this vision Women Of Purpose, W.O.P. was birthed for the empowerment of GHGM women by Apostle Lakisha Dunham.


Women of Purpose (W.O.P.) are God's appointed GHGM women that identify the reasons why they are women, appointed by God, members of GHGM and commissioned to empower lives and disciple souls. W.O.P. knows they are fearfully and wonderfully fashioned by God. They empower themselves, their families and the nations. W.O.P. operates in a Spirit of Excellence and impeccable character at all times. W.O.P. possesses a determination to fulfill the vision to impact and disciple lives.

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